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RHO GROUP LLC and RGI TECHNOLOGY Inc. are technology integration and business process companies whose principals have R&D development experience in various technologies (e.g., air traffic control, radar, water filtration, audio and medical) and formed in December 2010. In 2016 we opened our Mexican corporation, RGI Innovations S.A. de C.V., to service the Mexican market and a platform to expand into other Latin American countries. In October 2016 we opened the office in Nova Scotia, Canada and we will formalize our Canadian company in February 2017 to provide services and technology solutions to the Canadian market. Expansion in 2017 also includes a company subsidiary in Oslo, Norway and Front Royal, Virginia ( the latter becoming a combination assembly, flight control, operations and training center).
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Development initiatives

Collaborative development of ADS-B signatures

For all drone manufacturers to ensure compatability with the newest surveillance technologies  (although ADS-B is not new) Miniataurization of ADS-B transponder to ensure that all drones have signatures and can be recognized by air traffic  controllers and aircraft suitably equipped.

Develop a micro-transponder to squawk the UAT message

The FAA regulations already exist for the requirements of the device. This system would be advantageous for rapid deployment. Current existing infrastructure could be used to monitor drones using existing ATC grade systems. Size/weight/power will be challenges. Smaller drones will not have sufficient electrical power(potentially) therefore a battery power options will need to be developed.

Compatible with the micro-transponder

A ground system will be required to enable listening to the broadcasts. A low cost UAT receiver is being developed to affix a receiver on every cell tower. Data rights for this information could either be sold or we could simply sell the receivers to existing communications companies ( or Google for that matter).

"We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature."

-- Edmund Burke

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